Proposed tampering offence

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Proposed tampering offence

Post by Rosy »

The Government’s modernising vehicle standards proposal suggested new offences for tampering with a system, part or component of a vehicle intended or adapted to be used on a road. This could have a hugely detrimental impact on the UK motorsport and custom aftermarket industry.

Modified vehicles that are used on the roads are subject to the same MOT testing as all other road cars and there are therefore adequate safeguards to ensure modified vehicles are roadworthy.

The MOT also includes emissions testing, which ensure that modified cars do not breach emission standards.

Some modifications, such as aftermarket brake parts, can even increase safety and applying any offences to improvements like this would be illogical.
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Re: Proposed tampering offence

Post by Triumph-Legend »

Looks like a good reason not to spend any money on a new car or bike that is loaded down with electronic garbage that nobody wants and can't be fixed when it fails.
A couple of years ago we were looking for a new motor capable of towing a small touring caravan or trailer. Test drove quite a few of various makes and prices. got thoughly fed up with bloody stupid cameras pointing in all directions, warning beepers telling me when a vehicle is coming along side, lane warning beeper ect, as for the bloody motor stopping at every junction then restarting. That's going to do the battery, ring gear and started the world of good,the list goes on and on.
Got so fed up with the amount of unnecessary electronic crap on pretty much all the new vehicles, so went out and bought a low milage 08 BMW X3 diesel. Saved myself well over £25K and the last X3 that I had was still going fine with over 250K miles on the clock. (08 uses the old engine I think they changed a year later). (Throw away the inlet flap valves they make next to no difference low down power and do nothing at higher revs).

Having designed many elecrical / mechanical machines over many years I have come to a very definite conclusion and that is that it is normally the electrical / sofware systems that will fail befor anything else. When these things fail only the main dealer has the kit to diagnose the problem and will then most likely not have the knowledge and skills to repair.
As for building LED arrays into a sealed light unit. What clever twat thought that was a clever idea? A couple of LEDs go down and it's either an MOT fail or replace the whole unit.

Grrrr. Don't get me started on the modern bikes, fly by wire, traction control, ABS and 6 diffent modes. When it all goes kaput in the middle of nowhere Simple. You're stuffed.
I have looked at and rejected a few new bikes recently simply because of the above reasons. A shame a couple look quite decent including the latest Indian BSA nd Enfield twins.
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Re: Proposed tampering offence

Post by Harry44 »

There is a very big problem with truck firms tampering with the emission systems on trucks. The "chemical plant" that comprises the exhaust is very expensive to maintain, so they fit emulators that con the ECUs that the emission system is working when it is not. So no warning lights etc. The early emulators plugged into the diagnostic socket so were easy to spot, but now they re-program the ECU itself.
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Re: Proposed tampering offence

Post by 56G80S »

I've signed this and thanks for bringing it to our attention. Re-mapping requires the keeper to notify the insurance company and if not done invalidates the insurance (as far as I gather) in which case the HGV (PSV ?) position is illegal already.

Johnny B
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