Wey Valley notes

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Wey Valley notes

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Here in the Wey Valley, all has been quiet during the latest quarantine, Wey Valley riders have either been busy with winter overhauls, working, or sleeping.

But at the end of the last quarantine, we all headed for our watering the hole to meet up and catch up over a hearty lunch by a roaring fire. Suitably distanced of course..

3 brave souls led by Glorious Leader of course, actually rode in, so all hail Glorious Leader!! (and Teapot and Destroyer)

We were joined by Mad Monk and John T from our Surrey bretheren, for lunch, tea and tiffin.

Mallet, Knightrider and Tree Hugger all had bikes in various states of disassembly so had to drive in, but none the less, all had a very pleasant afternoon catching up with each other and our doughty Landlord.

Stay safe, beware the Great Lurgy, and we will see you out there Matchless Maniacs and Ajay Wildthings!
Born Hampshire, Ride Hampshire!
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