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This area is for discussion/information on the "modern" AJS motorcycles manufactured in China from 2006 onwards.
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Re: Brand New

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clive wrote:. My guess is that in addition to the choke you need to play with the amount of throttle you are giving the bike. Some bikes need no throttle at all, some a little bit and some a lot to get started from cold.
If the bike is a dud then the seller was a magician as he started it when you bought it and started it when he came to your house. Why not bite the bullett and phone him and ask exactly what his technique to start it was.
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Re: Brand New

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I spoke to the guy on the phone and he said and I quote " Bike off the stand, full choke, small amount of throttle then starter switch " I had anther go last night and it came REALLY close to starting, but then made a really shitty tight rattling sound. Think I may have killed the battery.
I didn't really think it was a dud, it was a bad joke about my own ineptitude
I'm looking online for some local basic maintenance courses etc, so I can get a bit more knowledge and confidence, but there isn't much around.
C'est la vie eh?
I'll get there.
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